A bit about Upstairs


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We’re “it”, Derek and Julie, Upstairs Creative is our studio.
It’s supported us, our family and our clients for over twenty five years, and we’re not finished yet!…

Graphic design, problem-solving and communication, that's our vibe

That’s what graphic design’s about: it’s about addressing needs and getting the message across. Writing is also about getting the message across, which is why we do both. And, if you’re not sure what your message is, we can help you define that too.

Our favourite question is, “what do you want to do for your business?” Answers might include; increase your sales, raise awareness, re-position the business, re-position your brand or persuade people to invest. When the question’s been asked and answered, we use all that we’ve learned to build a strong foundation and direction for the design work that follows.

It's not about following trends, it's about solutions

We’ll apply our talents to literature, advertising, sales promotion, packaging, display materials, direct mail, web sites, e-mail or other vehicles and media that will best do the job. While there’s currently a buzz around “new media” don’t forget – what you do isn’t primarily about the media you use, it’s about what you need to achieve. And, that’s where our focus lies, helping you achieve your objectives.

You'll be amazed at what we can do

We’ve provided support to small and medium enterprise, as well as large and international corporations: working across sectors as diverse as IT, CRM, financial services, property and education, to FMCG food, wine and spirit brands. We’ve delivered the goods for companies and brands such as Campari, Glenfiddich, Data General, William Grant, Lombard NatWest, Plum Baby and Belazu, as well as promoting many smaller businesses including property developers, process engineers and a company producing hand-made steering wheels.

We handle the majority of the work we do ourselves, our workflows and systems are good and our “time-served” status means that we have successful and proven working practices in place. Where and when required we call upon our long-standing loyal network of specialists to join us, so if your project demands market research, focus groups, public relations, food samplers and all the rest, we’re all set (and if there’s ever a service that isn’t covered we know where to find it).

An important skill lies at the root of our success

Taking a great brief: we listen and understand, that’s where successful outcomes begin. We have commercial experience and cultural savvy. We’ll get to know you, your needs and your audience so we can understand them and connect with them – that’s how we’ll get your message across.

No nonsense

You’ll never be rushed with hype, or sold on a trendy new vibe just because it’s out there. But you will get our wholehearted effort in applying our skills and experiences to providing an outcome that will meet your needs.

We’re also rather pleased that in all years we’ve run our own studio we’ve not missed a deadline or gone over budget. If you give us a budget we’ll work within it, spending only as much as needs to be spent. We know that marketing budgets are hard-won and expected to go a long way, so if your budget is £3,000 and we can do the job justice for £2,300 that, with your agreement and approval, is what we’ll do.

If we sound like people you'd like to work with...

Give us a buzz on 01489 55 88 98 or drop derek a line using derek@upstairscreative.com and we can go from there…


+44 (0)1489 55 98 88