Questions you may have

Does your estimate cover everything?

Essentially, our estimates cover everything relating to doing the job we’ve discussed. Our estimates explain what they cover and may note any specific exclusions (for example, if you are to supply images the estimate won’t include photography). The only thing that gets added to your bill as an extra is client requested amendment. It is impossible to estimate for them as the level of amendments is unknown, to try and build something in to the prices to cover possible amendments isn’t fair on anybody. Some studios say that you can haver amendments free or “in the price”, but that simply means that price has been loaded to cover potential amendments, if you’re good and don’t have any, you’ve spent money you’d not have spent with us. Amendments are charged on a time spent basis.

We encourage all of our clients to avoid amendment charges completely by not sending us copy or other content for artwork until it has been fully checked and approved at your end of things. If that happens, amendments won’t be required and time and money will be saved.

Can I have a credit account?

We bill at each month end for any and all work carried out in that month. On your first two projects/orders we’d need payment no more than three working days after the date of the invoice. Assuming that happens as it should you can subsequently apply for a credit account which, if approved, will give you thirty days from the date of invoice in which to make payment. Download credit account application. Credit accounts are not offered unless initial project payment terms are met.

Do you have rush charges?

No, we don’t do rush charges. If your need is urgent we will do all we can to fit it into our current workload and schedules and regular rates will apply.

Do you do speculative pitching?

Never! Speculative pitching is one of the worst insults to our profession there is. It’s used mostly by people who don’t properly know how to select a studio or agency, it wastes time and money for everyone involved, including the person that instigates the pitch. In a speculative pitch you end up with a fashion parade, yet what you need is a proper working solution from the studio you carefully selected having done your research to find a studio that is likely to meet your needs. If you’re looking for a studio to participate in an unpaid pitch, I’m afraid you’ll need to keep looking…

Do you work evenings and weekends?

No. We stick to our working hours unless we elect to work on beyond them. If something has come up, a system failure or similar, we will of course work out of hours to get things back on track. Once a client is established and relationships built, if something comes up in their world, such as an unavoidable system failure or failure in the supply chain, we will of course respond in a helpful way, it’s how we’re made. But typically, we keep work in working hours and we like that our clients understand and respect that.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Of course, if that’s something you want us to do, no problem. However, you need to know that with us client confidentiality is a given, there’s no question about that. We handle commercially sensitive information on a daily basis, and information that isn’t considered commercially sensitive is treated in confidence just the same – your business is your business, when it becomes ours it goes no further.

Where we involve others from our network, photographers, printers and the like, they work to the same standards as us. We, and the people we work with, are professionals and treat client confidentiality as a priority.

When it comes to using our past work to promote our business you can be assured that we only use items that have already entered the public domain.

Will you visit us even if we're a long way from your studio?

Yes of course, we like to meet all our clients face-to-face, it’s the best way to get to know one another. Having said that, we do find a lot of communication is covered by e-mail and phone, our clients like that that allows things to happen without taking time out for travel and meetings on a day-to-day basis. You probably work in a similar way with your clients, when it’s right to meet that’s what happens, when it’s not essential we use other methods so that we can all be giving our time to the work in hand.

From the earliest days of the business we’ve had clients local to us, in London, across the UK and beyond and into Europe, proving that geographical closeness isn’t a necessary part of a good and productive working relationship.

Do you have a pool table and a basketball hoop in your studio?

No. We know all that’s still a bit “in” and there are clients who love all that, but I’m afraid you won’t find it here. Creativity doesn’t demand toys or muse, just an open mind, the experience and wit to get properly to the bottom of what’s required, a deep understanding of people and solid history of chasing down the right solution. So, some may see us as a bit serious and we are, because that’s how you need people to be when you’re letting them in among the inner workings of your business.


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