Graphic design

The core of our business: getting your message across. We put thinking and understanding at the root of every design project. It’s not all about the look, it’s about making the right connection and getting the message across, because good graphic design is rooted in helping you to do good business.

Artwork production

To get from a design to the finished printed item (or digital item), you need artwork. Making good artwork, that meets your needs as well as those of the printers involved, is a highly skilled process. We have those skills, we were producing exquisite camera-ready artwork long before digital arrived on the scene and digital holds no mysteries either. Our combination of traditional and modern skills is awesome.

Print production

It seems that for most people, and we hate to say, even a lot of young designers, print is a bit of a dark art – not for us. We’ve worked with printers for years and know how to get the most productive relationships going. We understand and know the processes from traditional litho, flexo and more recent developments in UV flexo, through screen print and digital printing to gravure, die-stamping and embossing techniques. We’ll work with your printers or select from out network to meet your needs and ensure your print is a great production rather than a production nightmare.


Like graphic design, copywriting needs to be specifically focussed toward your audience. It needs to strike the right chord and warm prospects to you. People buy from people they like; good copy is part of creating that relationship, whether that’s via a web site, product pack, literature or other media. Let us help you warm your customers to your business.

Identity and branding

Two different, but aligned areas that give the public face to your company or products. Utilizing our deep understanding of people and audience we ensure that your first, and every other impression, counts.

3D Digital mock-ups

More than a visual, our 3D digital mock-ups create an almost photo like image of your product. That’s useful in so many ways, but perhaps best is that a high quality 3D image of your product can be produced before the product actually exists. That means you can sell-in sooner, you can influence buyers with your commitment and you can get images in the press before you’re even in production.

Websites and content

We design websites and we write engaging content, both aimed at encouraging contact you can convert into sales. We bring in web builders and developers to do the techno nuts and bolts stuff and we work with them to watch your stats and traffic so we can identify any useful trends and intelligence. Unlike a printed piece your website is a living and evolving marketing tool and we can help you make the most of it.

Exhibition and display

From pull-up banners and pop-up stands, through graphics panels, wall graphics and signage to bespoke exhibition stands, we design and produce display materials that will help draw your audience to you.

Sales promotion

From coupons and vouchers through competitions and draws to bespoke one-off campaigns, we know sales promotion. We also know that it can be a legal minefield, which is why, if you think a promotion might work for you, you should work with people who know their stuff – like us.

Food and drink

Food and drink is a specialist area for us. We love working with food and drink producers, whether we’re adding value and encouraging sales with our packaging design, saving money through thoughtful print production, creating stunning 3D digital mock-ups that gain early sell-in, or helping trade and food service offerings get to the top of the buyer’s list, we know our onions!


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