A typical project flow

1: We meet

If you feel that we look like the sort of studio you can work with let us know and we can arrange to get together. You can tell us all about your needs and we can ask the questions that will help us to develop a solid early understanding of what you want to achieve and the background against which you’d like to achieve it, then…

2: We price

Now we have a clear idea of what you need we’ll go away and prepare accurate estimates for you. Our estimates outline the work we’ll carry out and what that will cost. You’ll always find our figures broken down into the key stages of: design and visualisation; production of artwork; and print/other final production. There may be others, but suffice to say, you’ll know what’s what and why. If you like what you read…

3: You give us the nod

If our estimate meets with your approval you’ll need to let us know, preferably by e-mail. At this stage we’ll ask you to provide any images, copy or other materials we’ll need to carry out the work. We’ll also prepare a working schedule for your project so we all know what will happen when. That done…

4: We design

At this stage we’ll work to create the right solution to your needs. We’ll be considering all factors such as your audience, your current branding and positioning, the message you want to get across and the outcome you’d like to achieve. We’ll create visuals of our ideas which let you see a very close representation of how the finished item will turn out. These visuals are presented for your approval and once everything is agreed…

5: We artwork

To get from a design to the finished printed or digital item, you need artwork. Making good artwork is a highly skilled process. As we were producing exquisite camera-ready artwork long before digital arrived on the scene, and because we were one of the earliest adopters of Mac technology in our area, you can be assured we are masters of both traditional and digital artwork production (which is why our, and our clients’, printers like working with us as they do).

6: We handle production

Whether your project requires traditional or digital print, large format display graphics or some form of digital production, we’ll take things from start to finish. By combing our skills and knowledge of production with our understanding of the job in hand, we’ll work to ensure the final production is handled in the most cost-effective and expedient way, while ensuring the best outcome.

7: We deliver

On time and in budget is the rule. We aim to deliver your satisfaction as carefully as we strive to deliver a quality item and service, which is why…

8: You come back for more

Our clients keep coming back for more. We hope that when you use us you’ll quickly understand why our attentive service, skilful work, good value pricing and added value approach have kept us in business for over twenty five years. We have a great community of long-standing clients and suppliers and we hope you’ll become a part of that.


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